Persistent Browser-Based Games List

Many games listed here are self-described as "MMO", "PBBG", "browser RPG" or "social game" or whatever, but most of these terms overlap and they are basically the same thing: multi-player browser games that require an account to save your progress over time. I will use the descriptions I find in the game’s own website, if the website does not has one, I will pick a description from another website and put the source [between brackets] or write a new one from what I see in their homepage, no referral links or promotions. All games are playable using a modern browser on a desktop PC and many can be played on mobile platforms too, no game listed here require download but a few may require the use of plugins like Flash or Java to function. I will try to visit all of them from time to time to make sure they are still up. Lastly, I won't be adding the really famous games here, everyone knows what Travian and OGame are about at this point.

The main reason I created this was to preserve all the games that were still operating in the (now dead) list, then I started to add some other less-know games that I found. You can still access the content using the Wayback Machine mirror.

Written on 14/03/2016