Vampires and Werewolfs

“Bloodletting is a text based role playing game with a Vampire theme played by people from across the globe. Players develop personalities for their characters through interaction with other players in various forums. Here stories are told, shared, role played, and expanded upon. Choose from five different races to role play, Vampire, Slayer, Werewolf, Witch and Angel then join a Coven or Sanctuary for companionship and protection.”

“The path of vampire, werewolf, or hybrid awaits the vast plains of the underworld in the light of the moon. Crimson Moon is a free online vampire vs werewolf game that requires no downloads. Monthly Events, No Resets, & Holiday Bashes, Roleplay features & Large RP Community, Frequent Updates, Clan Wars & Clan Quests, PvP & NPC Battles, Active Chat & Forums, Unique Quests & Achievements.”

“Prepare to enter a realm filled with chaos and death... as you attempt to achieve greatness by conquering the other vampires in this world. Spawn your army of Scions, Mradu and Mradim... drain blood from human slaves, and steal coins when you can. Delve into the Underground... and explore graves, to aid you in your victory.

Do you have what it takes to be the greatest vampire in existence?”

“Large Interactive community!

Fangs, Friends, and Fighting Fun! Frequent Updates, Holiday Events, No Resets.

Role Players and Gamers of all Levels Welcome. Free To Play Vampire Games”

“The overall experience of hunting as a vampire inside 'Immortal Night' is highly audacious. It not only makes you familiar to vampires and their world but also helps you discover all that it takes to be a real vampire.

The intense game structure embedded with exigent stages compels your brain to work rigorously towards achieving desired results. This process itself is familiar to the basic trait of vampires that is the working of their brain. They send much more stronger and efficient signals at an increased speed. Who knows you could that too while racking your brain in this extravagant journey inside 'Immortal Night'. While you are battling out the journey, the virtual vampire character that you embody would run out of strength as it encounters various obstacles.“

“Join Vampire Bloodlust the free to play online vampire role playing game. How will you fair in this world of immortals and where will your journey as a Vampire lord take you?

Create or join Covens (peaceful or warring). Purchase land to expand your wealth and training. Gear yourself up from head to toe with armor and weapons. Train your combat skills in order to defeat your enemies. Take on a job and classes to give yourself an edge. Buy, sell and trade using our ingame markets, auctions or your own wits. Interact with the community using in game mail, forums and chat.”

“As the fingers of darkness creeps across the ruins of the USSR, vampires and werewolves that were once of legend and lore have come out of hiding to take control forever more.

Do you desire to walk under the light of the midnight sky as a Vampire with the unquenchable thirst for blood? Will your life be that of a werewolf whose uncontrolled desire rages under the full moon seeking the taste of fresh meat? Perhaps, you will walk the streets as the slayer, destroying the nightmares that have come to life?”

“The world is not what it used to be. The Veil between the planes of existence has torn, and the portals to the lands of Ozryn have opened to the worlds beyond.

Join us, and fight for the right to call a part of Ozryn your own. We invite you into Ozryn. Create your character and start your epic journey. Playable Species: Angel, Daemon, Faerie, Human, Immortal, Lycan, Undead, Vampire, Werecreature and Witch."


Written on 14/03/2016