Websites to pass the time or that are about interesting subjects(for me, at least):

Pictures of abandoned places on many countries.

Similar to the link above(both sites actually look a lot like each other in design).

Another abandoned places exploration site, but this one is dedicated to locations in Ohio. Less updated, but still nice.

Clichés and tropes of every media wiki, just search for your favorite TV show, game, anime, comic or whatever to get a better understanding of it, find trivias and weird theories, get ready to spend more time there then it’s healthy. Don’t go into the forums.

Everything generators, from Greek sounding names to sci-fi tools, it should help people writing stories, but it’s fun even if you are just playing around.

If you know what a Mary Sue is, it probably will be useful.

In case someone missed it, since it exist since 1995, this is a list of things villains should do to ensure success, but that they actually don’t, it’s basically a huge anti-trope list.

Old website about the best lighter, it has many pictures and there’s a link section where you can find more Zippo fan clubs.

Mod music archive(similar to MIDI, in some ways), unless you have a really outdated version of Java, you will need XMPlay to play the files.

Everything horror, books, movies, haunted attractions…

This website automatically retrieves and stores pages deleted from Wikipedia, I like how half of them are about Warhammer 40k.

History and photos of… Chicago Gangs. The layout is a bit confusing, but the content is pretty interesting.

From the same people of the above link, this one is about general gang tattoos, not only the ones from Chicago.

Texts about pretty much all drugs, without the moralism.

Internet texts from the 80’s and 90’s, you can find out how to hacks public phones and discover some cheats for Final Fight in here.

Similar to the site above, except this one has texts about absolutely everything. From making termite to making skin moisturizer, how to summon aliens to how to start a community network, the content is extremely diverse.

Text snippets collected from Usenet, BBS and chats, the layout is really cool.

Youtube videos from the 90’s, including advertising and news.

Emulate cool glitches effects on pictures, like color shifts and noise.

Video synchronizer and chat, some boards use this site to stream stuff, like wrestling.

As the name implies, this blog is dedicated to find the worst products on Amazon. Includes sassy coments.

Photos of Russian(and neighborhoods) military, abandoned towns, accidents, second world war and other general curiosities.

Pretty well know website about myths, rumors and urban legends, I not linking to the homepage because it changed a lot and it made harder to find the categories, which is the best way to enjoy the website.

If you need an adware in your machine, you can find it in here. Seriously, this website collects the newest URLs that contain malwares, for research purposes. They also have a nice infosec blog and some tools that you can find on the homepage.

Rogueware categorization.

Google queries that may find multiple vulnerabilities… and maybe some passwords stored in clear text, if you are lucky.



List of development consoles.

List of many obscure consoles, many are Germany exclusive.

Forum about rare gaming items and console modding.

Game’s scraped and hidden content wiki.

Game’s manuals and instructions catalogue.

High quality scans of cover arts.

Like the name implies, you can play DOS games online here, also has most of the DOS games available online, but I think this website is more organized.

Home of the Underdogs, this website is dedicated to PC/DOS games and softwares that are not very well know, you can find some information about them and the download links to try them yourself.

Lots of high-quality, in-depth reviews about unknown, rare and really weird games of all platform.

PlayStation 2 easy to install mod that allows many homebrew apps to run in the console… it also allows you to play pirated games, as much as they hate to admit.

Tool Assisted gameplay videos, normally meant to finish the game as quickly as possible, like beating Super Mario 64 in 5 minutes without collecting any start. Also, there’s a lot information about emulation and, of course, tools for modifying the games, so you can learn how to do these crazy stuff too.


Word War Two:

Really interesting catalogue of Nazi Germany and East Germany propaganda, including speeches and internal documents of the Party.

Maintained by the same people of the website above, broader content.

This website contains many interesting facts about the less mentioned Axis countries in World War 2, like Romania and Bulgaria and a lot of information about foreign voluntaries, it’s also a very good source of information about German operational structure.

General German forces information.

Probably the most complete catalogue of World War 2 photos in the internet.

Information about uniform reproductions of the American and German forces.

USSR uniform pictures, all in moonspeak, but usable with automatic translation.

Very detailed website about German uniforms details, like shoulder strap colors and button holes.

Concentration camps research website with many pictures and survivor stories.

Website dedicated to fight against holocaust denial and neo-nazism, with many sources and references.


Guns and military:

Pretty complete catalogue of guns.

Gear reviews.

List of many technical and guerilla warfare books.

Really cool website about the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, this website has many pictures of the Vietnam war, neatly organized, the homepage hides the sidebar, that’s why I linked to a subpage.

Public Safety and Police radios broadcast, by State.


Imageboards and internet “culture”:

Obvious one, but this is still the most complete and updated tracker of everything that goes on the evil of the web, you may find interesting bits of drama on pretty much any website you can think of, all written in the most offensive way possible.

A less chaotic and less broad version of the above, the articles about 4chan and 2ch history are especially nice.

Insurgency Wiki is back, but not updated as frequently as before, it is mainly about raids, but there’s a lot of interesting tutorials on l33t tools, doxing, DDoS and pranks. Don’t forget to check the Ruin Life Tactics page.

Futaba channel navigator, basically a list of translated board names.

List of many -- but not all -- imageboards, not updated very frequently.



News about copyright issues, freedom of speech and corporate stupidity.

News about piracy and trackers, if your country blocking websites or your favorite torrent site is down, they tell you why and how to fix that.

News about the TOR network, including a list of markets availability and many articles about security good practices.

News about information security in general, it belongs to Kaspersky. 


Written on 23/08/2015