Motorola Defy Pro XT560 rooting and stuff

So, to Root the Defy Pro XT560 you need to use that Software Update Tool and copy a xml. file, right? Wrong. I thought that this process was too complicated, so I tried to use the Kingo Root program that worked very well on my Doogee Voyager2 DG310 before, and it worked here too, to my surprise. But before considering this method, you need to know that are some security concerns regarding Kingo Root, read them here. The phone has a really low internal capacity, as you may have noticed, and it comes choke full of bloatware, so rooting is pretty necessary. I don’t think anyone needs this how-to since it was a pretty intuitive process... anyway, that’s how it worked for me:

1- Connect the phone the PC and download the drivers
2- Run Kingo
3- Open debug mode on Applications > Development on the phone
4- Kingo Root will try to connect (somewhere), it tried to download some more drivers and it failed, it did the same thing on my DG310 too, so I guess that’s normal, don’t worry about it
5- After some time, Kingo Root will recognize the Defy Pro, click “Root”
6- There’s a Windows prompt asking me to allow the download of a “Finger Power” program, so I did
7- Wait a few minutes, I think it was about 5 minutes here
8- It’s done! Unless you are very unlucky

Again, Kingo Root will install its own Super User thingy, which may be problem to some people, for me, it makes no difference, I have root access and a manager and that’s what I need. There’s ways to exchange then, but I didn’t found anything for the Defy Pro.
There’s some rom’s for this phone, namely CyanogenMod, and people seem to enjoy them a lot, but that require some technical skills that I don’t have, check the XDE forum if you feel like you have what it takes to do that.
After that I got the “Remove System Apps” and removed the following bloatwares, I think some of these won’t be in the phone from other countries, the app will tell you what should not be removed, anyway:

1- Citrix
2- GoToMeeting
3- QuickOffice
4- Asphalt 8
5- The other game, I think it was Candy Crush
6- Fucking MSN
7- Fucking Orkut, like srly wtf

That helped. Somewhat. You still need your favorite “app2sd” app to make use of this phone.

Written on 12/08/2015