Useful online tools


They keep old version of softwares for download, this include stuff that does not exist anymore, like Netscape and stuff that just stop being relevant, like Limewire.

Automatic installer of common programs, it’s mainly used after formatting or after getting a new PC so that you don’t have to go around getting every program you like one by one, you won’t have to keep clicking “next” either.

List of flash drive compatible software.

Checks if your system can handle any game, it requires Java or the download of a small desktop app.


Fake data:

These sites create fake names, phone numbers, days of birth and other data, it can be useful for online forms you can’t care less about or fake profiles.



Fake e-mailer, you can even attach images and documents with it.

Another fake e-mailer, but more simple and more… legal looking.

Disposable e-mails to bypass verification, sign-ups and spam, some websites are able to block these generated e-mails.


BTW, if you need an actual, permanent e-mail that does not require any sort of verification, you can use Yandex Mail, they don't require a phone number or another e-mail address and it's in English.



Checks if a photo has been manipulated in some way.

EXIF viewer with a simple design and many interesting information about image metadata.

"glitch" generator, add lots of cool effects to images.

Turns any image into a .jpeg monstrosity.



Shows you where shortened URLs will lead you to.

Simple link inverter, it also decipher Base64 protected links, use the first blue box to let it automatically find the right URL.



Browser vulnerabilities checker, it has tools to check everything, Do Not Track option, fonts, OpenDNS, screen resolution, color display, etc.

Checks if your e-mail has appeared on any data breach or in any public text file. Also, check the “Latest pastes”, sometimes you can still access some of the accounts there.

IP lists for ad blockers and such.

List of proxies and how to use them.

Simple text encryptions, also Morse code and l33t speak.

Generates a valid MAC address, it can be used to bypass ISP bandwidth throttle, for example.

GoogleBot and YahooBot header, this can be used to access hidden content in many websites.


Website analysis:

Many IP tools like port scanner and network location.

Website speed analyzer, check page size, CSS, cache dealing, DNS lookup and other stuff.

Checks if a website is really down, is the short and easier to remember URL.

Website traffic analyzes and a pretty good similarity list.

Find out which technologies a website uses, like hosting, shopping cart, analytics, JavaScript libraries, etc.


dox People:

Finds out the geological location of a phone number.

Checks if your username has already been taken on 160 websites.

People search, you can even use a username or a phone number to find out more data about someone.


Upload and download: (ex

Upload small files without registration or any other nuisance common in file lockers.

Upload big files without registration or any other nuisance common in file lockers.

Download .torrent files directly on the browser.



It has a list of numbers that act as public SMS receivers, some services send SMS verifications for account recovery and such, with luck they will work with these numbers. Google “sms receiver” to find other similar services.

Similar to the tool above, but with voice mail instead of SMS, requires sign-up.

List of emotes ready to be copied, so you always have access to a ԅ(.͡° ڡ ͡°.)ᕤ or a ʕ◕ᴥ◕ʔ.

List of special characters ready to be copied, requires Flash.



Torrent search engine.

Reverse image search for anime images and manga scans and artwork, it search websites that Google doesn’t.

Open directory search engine, you may be able to download stuff from them.

Unified web archive search, includes Internet Archive,, WebCite and others. 


File editors:

Lots of PDF tools, including conversions and merging.

Best file converter on the internet, it converts document, audio, video, photo and everything else online, no spam and no limited uses.

Nice online GIF editor.

Text and HTML editor, so even an idiot like me can make a website. 



It will bypass Play Store “incompatibility” with your device, creating a direct download URL.

Emulate various mobile phones and browsers.


Written on 18/08/2015 - Updated on 04/03/2016