Doogee Voyager2 DG310 rooting and stuff

I found some conflicting information on the phone’s XDA page regarding the root process on the Doogee Voyager2 DG310. After reading the whole thread, I decided to try the easiest method, which was to use a rooting program called Kingo Root, it is a Chinese developed program and there’s A LOT of controversy about it on the net. By 2013 the XDA team decided to ban it because it apparently mined IMEIs, though some users reported no weird outbond traffic or any other suspicious behavior, it has other security concerns, like needing internet access to do the rooting, not being too open about its Super User version and, by that time, the whole program was in engrish. But, at the same time, this is the only working method for rooting many smartphones, especially these cheap Chinese ones, it also got more professional look since 2013, their facebook is constantly updated and they normally give a lot of support for users.

With that said, the Doogee Voyager2 DG310 is a Chinese phone and your IMEI could be already floating somewhere in the servers of Baidu or whatever, you should consider if you are ok with those possible security issues before continuing, I don’t use it for anything important, that’s why I used this method.

There are other ways to root this phone, including flashing Lollipop directly, but this page is about the easiest/laziest/n00bish method.

tl:dr Kingo Root may be stealing your IMEI, or may not be, but it is easy to use.

Another warning, Kingo uses its own Super User, it’s called King User and is pretty annoying to replace that with the unanimous SuperSU, they do the same exact job though.

1- Connect the phone the PC and download the drivers
2- Run Kingo Root
3- Open debug mode on the phone, you will need to go to “About phone” and then tap "Build Number" many times, I think it’s specifically 7 times, stupid, isn’t? Then it’s Developer Options > USB Debugging
4- There will be a prompt on the phone asking you to allow you PC to connect, do that
5- Kingo will recognize the device, click “Root”
6- Wait a few minutes, it took about 5 minutes for me
7- Done! Probably.

The DG310 does not come with too much bloat, at least comparing it to some devices from Samsung, LG, etc., still, I used “Remove System Apps” to delete some things, feel free to use any other of the 387 apps for this purpose (some of these app will be marked as “core files” or something like that, but they aren’t):

1- All wallpaper related apps
2- All weather apps
3- Video editor
4- Screen Lock
5- Stock browser

On the XDA thread some users reported disabling the stock keyboard and Gmail, but I kept them, and advise against removing the calendar app as it may cause some type of error… that's kinda weird.

Written on 12/08/2015