“Create heroes to adventure in a variety of games. Decide the fate of each hero, and discover the best strategies. Track each hero's progress via simple tables. Acquire powers and items for your heroes. Replay each game many times and still have fun. Achieve personal and site high scores.”


“BOTV is the FIRST adult themed, adult ONLY, text based RPG on the internet, opened in December 2006 by BlackMagicWoman. Here you can meet new friends, chat in our in-game chat room, work out at the gym, get stronger, join a gang, compete in a war, beat the hell out of players, take their money, and generally cause hate and discontent.”


“Create Or Conquer is a unique free PBBG (Persistent Browser Based Game). Not only can you play the game as a heroic character trying to win fame and fortune, but you can turn around and create your very own RPG game world. It is the best of both worlds. You can create multiple RPG characters for different games.

Take part in real-time chat systems, group with your friends in an adventure party, duel other players in Arenas (PvP), craft to create your own potions, rings, weapons and armor, experience 100s quests to play in five of the main established worlds, with 100s more to come by people like you!”


“Farmersi is a free business simulation game. Raise cattle, grow crops, make investments and use your gunslingers if necessary. Become a farm tycoon of the Wild West! Learn how markets function and develop business management skills, every player has equal chances - your success in the game depends only on your strategy and decisions. Single, multiplayer and team games. Easy to learn and hard to master!


“SCUD248 is a free browser game about marine life, ships and sea. While registering select a name, a class and a focus of your ship. Difficulty includes three colors: yellow, blue and red. SCUD248 supports a feature like battling against other ships. Buy weapons, increase stats and be the winner. Storage locker is filled with Oxygen and it’s a guessing game where you must choose five numbers to open the Oxygen. Final step is becoming a SCUD Commander once you’ve reached level 30.”


“Set out on grand adventures to the four corners of the world, visiting exotic locations above and below the briny deep. Work your way up through all the cutthroats and scallywags to become your own captain. Build a vast fortune by mugging, killing, and committing crimes against your rival pirates. Prepare your ship for fierce ocean battles. Now, grab your cutlass and pistol and get ready for a hell of a time. There be no kings here... Only pirates!”


“In our free, online role-playing game, you can be the hunter or prey, master or slave, gambler or looter. You might form a crew and plot to take over the world. Or you may just do it on your own. Make enemies or be the hero…

No matter what you do, you will find a place in our world.”


“After the Great Nuclear Cataclysm not much of society has survived, but out of the ashes rises a new menace. One more sinister then any that has come before. Is there no one that can stand up to such a menace, to such evil and vile disregard for human life?

The hope for man kind and its future rests with you.... or perhaps you plan to be the top gang leader in Alpha Dome 117, or the wealthiest merchant, maybe even the cage fighting champion, or a raider to be feared, this and much more is available to the clever, the strong, the daring and the lucky. So come inside what's left of the once beautiful City of Ash Flats and let your path to destiny begin.”


“When the world ended nobody was ready.

The Zombie hordes overran the major cities before their governments could react. Within days civilization as we knew it was gone. Now only a handful of us are left, trying to survive one day at a time. You play as one of the lucky ones. After crawling out of your hiding place you find yourself in a hostile enviroment. The walking dead are everywhere and surviving till the end of the day looks tough.”


“Start as a agent in training and work your way up the ranks of the Agent underworld. Bribe police, tune your car, wage wars that will never end, all in the name on your thirst for money and power. There can be only one Top Agent Work your way through the countless levels of the Agents. Try to increase your overall net worth while not letting the whole community of Ag3nts on to what type of power that you actually have. Join others, and create a party in order to solidify your power structure in the Ag3nts.com game.”


“Have you ever wanted to be a music star with millions of adorning fans who worshiped the ground you walked on? Do you want to rake in millions of dollars and travel all over the world in a custom-built jet that was paid for with your pocket change?

In Band Maven you'll encounter greed, fame, fortune, fans, stalkers and everything else that comes along with the territory of being a superstar, all while playing gigs across the world, writing and recording songs and albums, and working out problems with your band mates. It takes a lot of work, patience and dedication to live the life of a rock star.”


“Play for free and compete against other players in Flyfishing, Sea Fishing and River Fishing. Trophy Fishing Online 2 is a free online browser game with daily goals, hundreds of species of fish and real lures from around the world.

Experience nearly 10 years of development time and hundreds of players from around the world have already enjoyed with Trophy Fishing Online 2. Catch a wide variety of species including carp, marlin, bass, pike, muskellunge and rainbow trout. Develop your skills in an environment that rivals that of most RPGs. Real world weather conditions down to the hour - if its raining in the real world at the location, it will be raining in the game!”


“After the vicious war in 2015 between America and North Korea erupted into full scale madness the world has never been the same. On June the 3rd is the day everything changed, the day North Korea placed their attack on the White House; The day they took control of America; The day they changed the world as we knew it.

Soldiers Warfare is a text based game and was released on the 1st March 2014! It has various custom built features which have never been seen on a text basded game before inclduing the buildings system and the missions system which allows players to play through a full storyline!”


“Samurai Senshi: the free to play samurai online role playing game.

It is feudal Japan and the Shogun has fallen with a mysterious illness. With lack of administration from the Shogun the people grow restless and rebellion is in the air. Corrupt Daimyo take show their faces, not fit to call themselves Samurai! It is time for the honorable clans to stand up and for new leaders to break through.”


“Do you have the business sense of a wealthy cocoa trader and the ambitious ideals of a ruler to guide your city to prosperity? In this free browser game, as a trader, you can find out. Place a well-prepared fleet together to withstand the dangers of the Mediterranean in this business simulation, as a merchant, and ship your goods from Lisbon to Messina.

Do you want to start as a trader in this free online browser game? So what are you waiting for? Get into one fantastic adventure in the Mediterranean's most successful traders of all time.”


“After years on hiatus, the demons are finally ready to make their much anticipated return! Demon Wars Beta is a multi-user browser-based game where you compete against other players from around the world in an attempt to reign as the Arch-Demon.

Recruit Followers to gain resources. Use Spirit , Gold , Metal , Meat and Bones to build an army. Use Energy to enter battles to collect Blood , capture Souls , and climb the leader-board.”


[Description partially taken from newrpg.com]

“Amaranthine is an exciting multiplayer role playing game. Explore a growing world with hundreds of other players to interact with. If your passions include cooking delicious dishes of sea urchin, whittling entire trees down into skewers or nearly getting eaten by fearsome creatures, then Amaranthine is the game for you!

You can find twelve skills and thousands of item combinations. Different skill types like resource skills, production skills and combat skills. Resource skills are mostly for acquiring base materials. Production skills can turn raw materials into different items. Combat skills are for your own protection and attacking.”

Written on 14/03/2015

Written on 12/08/2015