Crimes and Gangs

“Do you have what it takes to survive in the massive galaxy of hardened Criminals and Ruthless gangs? You will need to Battle your way to the top with a massive collection of over 80 different types of Weapons and Armour.Visit over 20 different planets with shops as you level up!

Train your way to the top in Strength, Agility and Guard with a choice of over over 40 different properties to buy,with each one increasing your stats as you train.”

[Taken from the Playstore description]

“Gangster Nation is a free multi-player gangster game set in the United States of America. Take on the role of a gangster today and join 1000's of other players across the globe. You will start from the bottom taking guidance from mob boss Butchie Gweyno, soon enough you will be on your way to becoming a top gangster. Be careful though because other gangsters may want to kill you, especially as you start to gain more of a reputation.”

“MafiaReturns is a PBBG / MMORPG set in the 1920s Mafia world.

'I assure you, there has been NO mistake.' the man behind you growls into your ear as he presses the cold steel of the .45 deeper into the crown of your skull. 'The money, I'm sorry... It was the money!' you cry back in a humiliating attempt at saving your own life.Several hours later, you are found by police with urine-soaked pants and a 50 dollar bill stuffed firmly into the back of your throat. You didn't live. Welcome to Mafia Returns - The Game”

“Get in here and take what is your. Get the respect you deserve.. beat the tar out of those unwilling to hand over their money!

Start or join a gang to gain an advantage over the weak. Travel to different cities in search of new weapons and drugs to aid you in your journey to the top of the ranks! Get out there and do some crimes to prove you are worthy of your position in your crew. Show them other gangstas what its all about to be respected!”

“Gun shots ring out from somewhere in the distance, shouting and the screeching of cars, yet no police sirens. A feeling of loneliness fills you as you stumble to your feet and start walking, taking in the city around you.

You begin to realize just how things work, the strongest survive. Gangs stick together to protect one another so you decide its best to remain wary. Money exchanges hands each and every minute be it for drugs or protection.”

“FatalPlay is a FREE MMORPG that will take you through the life of a Mobster. Your rise to the top of the mafia world will not be easy, you will face other mobsters that will be just as willing to fight, mug and forge gang alliances as they look to climb to the top of the social ladder.

Commit crimes, gamble in the casino, do missions and take out everyone that stands in your way to the top!”

“Bootleggers is a free browser-based multiplayer mafia game set during the 1930s Prohibition era in the United States. As a player, you take on the role of a small time gangster during this era and compete with thousands of other players from all over the world. Your first interactions in the game will be pitiful crimes such as pickpocketing. As you progress, you will be able to steal cars, transport large quantities of booze, and even participate in organized crimes.”

“Prison is a tough sentence at the best of times but you are about to face the real experience in Prison Struggle, the free online prison based MMORPG.

You may have built a reputation on the outside but prison is a whole new ballgame and you will be thrown into the corrupt and dangerous world of the prison system, where your past is little more than a memory.”

“Criminal Force is a free online game where you can choose to be a crooked police officer or a criminal. There are various activities you must take part in to earn experience such as finding money on the opposition, finding cars to take for a drive, trading drugs and even attacking the opposition. There is a strong community within the game and you will be working with the side you decide to join (cops or criminals) to prove yourselves as the strongest side.”

“You build your empire by recruiting hoes and thugs to do your dirty work, they earn your money and fight your battles all you have to do is keep them under control. If you keep your hoes in drugs and your thugs in alcohol as well as guns they will stay loyal. What kind of pimp do you want to be, this online pimp game resets every 3 weeks so you can decide how you want to play it different every time.

It is multiplayer as well as multi platform, you can play it from anywhere in the world as well as from any platform that has connection to the Internet. Doesn’t matter if it is your smart phone, tablet or your desktop computer.”


Written on 14/03/2016