Animals and Creatures

“Encounter Gwydion and learn his magic, watch the Alchemist with his projects and experiments, battle legendary monsters. Chase after the treasures of dragon pirates, explore new lands, or haunt ancient shrines. Dragon Hearts is a free text based role playing game within your browser, the story lines are augmented with special custom art, and new challenges and expansions are always under development."

“Wajas is a virtual dog breeding site where you can play with numerous breeds that come in unlimited colors, over 100 markings, and 20 special traits. We have THOUSANDS of items to collect and to dress your wajas with as well as unlimited breeding possibilities.”

“Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. You’re free to play however you want!”

“Do YOU have what it takes to become a guardian of dragons? Complete challenging quests? Vie for top lair? If so, Leviathan Myth is the game for you! Here you may raise hatchling dragons from the egg and strive to become the most powerful dragon master in all of LM. During this journey, you may also hunt for prey, raise livestock on your farm, mix powerful potions and test your skills as a guardian of dragons.”

“Scientists of all disciplines, from all lands, were needed for a pan-Terran colony to be established on the planet code-named FELISFIRE for the purpose of studying its strange native life, especially the cat-like forms termed ‘xenofelinoids.’ Will you be able to successfully breed the native xenofelinoids? More importantly, will you survive to unravel the mysteries of this weird place...?”

“Create your virtual cattery and build your own line of Champions! Or pick up an exclusive but rare breed to increase its gene pool. Or specialize in a rare color. Or try to improve an already existing breed. Or cross two "mixies" and see what you get. Or create your own breed if you feel up to it. The possibilities are endless! Star accounts can even have game-generated pictures that will show exactly what a cat looks like.”

“Breed your virtual dogs over multiple generations to develop your dream puppy! Virtual Pups has a complex system of artificial genetics! Train your virtual dog to be a champion, play with it to keep it happy, or just exercise it to help improve future generations. Choose the strategy you think will help your pup the most! Enter several events per day or host your own events! Event types include agility, mushing, herding, racing, obedience and more!”

“Revisit a place time forgot and embrace the chance to start raising your own virtual pet dinosaurs! Raise your new prehistoric pets from egg to adulthood, style and structure your own packs and battle your way to supremacy! With tons of beautiful art, fact files on every dinosaur species featured, genetics to breed for, unique flash games, a diverse and vibrant community and lots of fun things to do, join Exhibited free today and break into a new evolution of pet game!”

“Anatheria is a virtual pet site that was created to allow people of all ages to own and play with any creature they may desire. Anatheria has games so users can earn Anthars to spend on keeping your virtual pets fed and happy. There are many toys to play with and a variety of food & drink to consume. Users can interact with each other on the forums and clubs; they may also correspond via the personal messaging system. Anatheria has an Arena, so users can power up their virtual pets to fight the plushies that torment.”

“Welcome to Animal Acres, a feature-rich virtual pet site. This game is free to play and allows you to own, breed, train, and show a wide variety of animal species! The possibilities are endless with horses, guinea pigs, dogs, centaurs, cats, pegasi, winged wolves, and more! There is a community of very helpful players, many items for you to use on your animals, and gorgeous player-created artwork!”

Flight Rising is a social web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring, combat, and collecting. It puts you in control of your own clan of dragons, allowing you to control their mating habits, specialize their abilities and traits, and adorn them thousands of different ways with a variety of apparel.

Breeding is the central focus of Flight Rising. It can be strategic: Such as only introducing the colors you want. Or it can be open: Such as breeding as quickly and as often as possible to create the biggest clan you can. This is left up to you to decide!“

“Welcome to Flight of Dragons. It is a place where it pays to not only be strong of body, but strong of mind as well. From the vast hot deserts to icy cold caves in the mountains is where we shall become the superior species. This online game is a mmorpg that is designed for adults aged 18 or more. We have a friendly and extensive community, which can be accessed through game forums, the community chat room, profile pages or in game mails.

There are eight different types of dragon to chose from. From dragons that breath fire to dragons that breath lightning or even ice, all dragons take less damage from a dragon with the same breath type.”

“Pokemon Pets lets you collect, train and battle with your favorite Pokémon. It is an Online RPG game, with people cooperating and challenging each other all around the world!

Some of our core features are fully working live PVP battles, NPC trainers, Arenas, Individual values, Training Points, 520 game maps, very fluent gameplay, extreme cheat prevention system, market system that supports buy, sell, trade, game integrated chat system and working private message system”

“Antzzz is a free strategy game, in which you take control of an ant colony.

Faced with thousands of other players and wild predators, you will need a strong army and loyal allies to dominate the land. You're taking control of a new born anthill. Start by hunting wild predators to enlarge your land. Collect food and materials to develop a powerful anthill that can defend itself against its enemies.”

Written on 14/03/2016