Welcome to my internet junk drawer!

This will be under permanent construction since I learning how to HTML on the go, and it will probably be updated about 30 times a day since I really like to fine tune every little thing. I will post some “utility” texts here, I have pretty much no technical knowledge, but sometimes I can get things to work, maybe they will help someone somewhere in the same situation.

English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance if I miss a plural or if I use an apostrophe in the wrong context, that was another reason to start this little project. I may upload the texts in Portuguese in the future, but right now I more worried about making the layout less confusing and more pretty (definition of pretty may vary). I’m not going for any “[decade]’s” look, but I want to keep this very simple. Any date you see here is in day/month/year format. Also, feel free to copy any text in here, no need for attribution, as long as you share it for free.

Last update: included some meta tags in all pages. Getting really professional here... - 25/05/2016